Policies and Frequently Asked Questions:

New Policies 

Your dog’s first visit to SGL will be their “meet and greet” with staff members in order to have their temperament evaluated. It is preferred, but not necessary, for them to attend a trial day prior to boarding. 

Prior to coming to the property, SGL MUST have on record your most current vaccination history and signed waiver. 

Dogs enjoy unlimited playtime (weather permitting) all day. Most dogs sleep and eat in our boarding room in a spacious 3’x5’ run. Dogs that come together, may share a space if requested. In the event of inclement weather, dogs are engaged in mental stimulation games or puzzles, doggy treadmill, and other indoor activities. 

When you come for boarding; please pack and label your dog’s food with their name (and amount, if not packaged separately by meal). Medications and supplements are given as instructed with no extra fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I bring my dogs beds, toys, and things? We do not recommend that you bring anything that is “valuable” to your dog or that may, in some instances, provoke resource guarding. We have a variety of bedding and toys for them to enjoy during their stay. 

“What do I bring with my dog”

“What happens if it rains” 

“Where do they stay” 

“What is a typical day like” 

“Are there any extra fees” only if you want to add bath/nails or grooming while boarding 

“How does transport work” boarding only within X miles, only if scheduled and confirmed in advance 

“Will I get updates” daily videos on SGL FB page, Instagram, and typically sent to owners 

“How do I make the transition as smooth as possible” be on time and have patience

“How do I schedule a meet and greet for my dog” 
Contact us to schedule a day of play prior to boarding for a temperament evaluation. The cost of this day of daycare is on the house!  

“What are the rates” $35/day for boarding, $15/day for daycare. Upon pick up: before noon, no charge for the day; after noon and before 5, daycare charge; after 5pm, another full day is charged. The following Holidays will be doubled on that day: New Year’s Day,  Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. As always, there is no charge for extras such as playtime or dispensing meds!

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