These girls were part of the Emerson Breeding Program and continue to be an excellent representation of the Golden Retriever breed. 
You can find some of their offspring in our current Breeding Program, pet homes, and show homes!


As you can probably guess, EMERSON is our foundation bitch. She is “the best dog” and has so many appealing qualities and attributes about her. She spent some time in the show ring, and also other performance venues; but her most excelled job is that of being my service dog. She is innate and intuitive, smart, loyal, friendly, and everything a Golden should be. She is truly my heart dog.


Unfortunately, LAIKEN never had the opportunity to be a mom for us. The first time she was bred, things went very unexpectedly and she was left fighting for her life. (full story here: She had to be spayed in order to help save her life; and will live with some on-going health problems, but is overall remarkably healthy and a miracle for what she went through. She is our free-spirit, her will to live and fight is what kept her alive. She is a lover (big time) and gives off a jovial vibe wherever she goes. LAIKEN would have been a fantastic dam, and is a great “nanny” to all the puppies who are raised in our home!


There is not one person who meets our dogs and SCULLY does not become a quick favorite. She is extremely loving, devoted, loves to play, and is just a happy girl all the time! This dog never has a bad day! She is a beautiful, compact girl who lives for fetch and cuddles!


NASH is a “people dog” through-and-through. This seems to be a trait he undoubtedly passes on to his offspring. He wants to be where you are; if you want to hike 10 miles, he’s with you; if you’d rather watch 10 hours of Netflix, he’s right there on the couch! NASH is just a fun-loving, goofy boy who will keep you laughing and smiling! 

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