Registered Name:

Emerson’s You Are My Sunshine



Grayson is a moderate coated golden retriever. She is 20 in at the shoulder. Grayson is a very consistent dog with a balanced front and back, a correct top-line, and a kind expression. Grayson is a happy and gentle girl that loves her people more than anything. Grayson is an excellent mother and takes wonderful care of her puppies.

Grayson has passed all OFA Clearances

Grayson’s bloodline consists of many service dogs, she produces kind, curious, willing, and people pleasing puppies that could easily pursue any avenue in life.

Grayson Enjoys..

  • Being a mother
  • Swimming
  • retrieving
  • being with her people
  • playing ball

Grayson with her first litter, Over the moon and smiling with pride.

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