These girls have passed all of their health clearances, and we are proud to have them as part of the breeding program! 

Click on the girls’ picture to view their pedigrees and health clearances.


BLAIR is an absolute sweetheart who is equal parts of play and hanging out. She is a fun girl, who is always up to learning something new. She is very devoted to those she trusts and listens without question.


BRINKLEY is our “too smart for her own good” girl! But channeled correctly, and bred to balance; she has produced some amazing assistance dogs and pets. She is very sweet and loves attention. She also loves running, playing fetch, and mental stimulation games!


CARSON is our go-getter. She excels in almost everything she has tried and is a very natural athlete. She is extremely smart, and likes to stay busy. She has learned how to manage her energy as she’s grown and now is able to discriminate when it is time to play or work, and when it’s time to snuggle up and chill. She is a gorgeous example of the breed standard, and we are looking to finding complementing males and seeing what she produces.


GRAYSON is our beautiful “mini-golden”; while she meets the standard, she is just barely in by size! Most people love that she is smaller, and has a more moderate (easy to care for) coat. She is very people-oriented, especially to those she knows well. She will play all day, but just as easily walks through the door and is a fantastic house dog.


RIOT certainly can live up to her name at times. She is VERY smart and requires daily mental and physical stimulation, or else she gets bored. She is a quick learner and is very biddable. She is focused and driven. RIOT can be easy going and relaxed, but is always ready for an adventure at any time!


STAR is all about “her” people. She is very loyal and devoted, and will do anything to make you happy! She is a little higher energy and tends to be more excitable, but usually some fetch with a ball or a quick adventure hike will knock the edge off! She is loving and does not like to be far from you. She can be a little bossy with other females, but we do not expect that in her offspring, and have very carefully selected who she is bred with to complement and balance her out!

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