Breeding Program

Our breeding program at Emerson Dogs strives to produce healthy, temperamentally sound and stable puppies that are bred to reflect and preserve the Golden Retriever breed standard . Each of our Golden Retrievers comes from, or enters our program from, lineage which has had all required health and genetic testing completed and assessed for longevity . The puppies are introduced to early neurological stimulation and early scent introduction as early as three days old. As they grow, we apply age appropriate developmental exercises to desensitize the puppies to the world, critical socialization with people and other animals, litter box training, confidence building, problem-solving, and much more. For news on upcoming litters, and to see the progress of past puppies, follow “Emerson Dogs” on Facebook and/or @emerson_and_co on Instagram. 

Please contact us for more information about our planned litters for 2020!

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