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It all started when Sarah was a kid, taking her dog to training classes, planning school projects around how they could be about dogs, earning her Girl Scout awards based on dogs – you name it, and a dog was involved! For many years her career path goal was to become someone who utilized Animal-Assisted Therapy on a daily basis. While taking classes at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she became involved with paws4people foundation and their Assistance Dog Training Program. After graduation, she worked for the foundation as the Breeding and Puppy Development Manager for three years before branching off and starting Em & Co Dogs. She has since been expanding her training ventures, including working on a Masters Degree from the one and only, Bergin University of Canine Studies. 


Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!


FINLEY is the golden who convinced Sarah that there could be “other retrievers” than Labs. As the first Golden she owned, FINLEY was trained and certified as a Service Dog for her through paws4people foundation during her time there. FINLEY also served as a part of the breeding program and as a demo dog to help educate about what assistance dogs can do! She primarily lives the retired life now, but does still continue with therapy visits. She has retained over 200 commands and is always up to train and learn for fun; and of course, she loves to show off what she knows! FINLEY was bred by Eberly Goldens; and is the biological “aunt” to HAVEN.


(third from the left)

Bio coming soon!

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